Silobela chief warns MDC-T supporters


SILOBELA — Chief Crispen Malisa has warned that there could be violence targeted at MDC-T supporters and their candidates ahead of elections, following what he termed an attack on his person.

Report by Blessed Mhlanga

Malisa accused of looting cement and money donated to Zenzele Primary School by a non-governmental organisation, said his subjects were baying for the blood of his accusers, believed to be MDC-T supporters. This follows allegations by ward 25 MDC-T councillor Stanley Ndlovu who accused Malisa of having taken 20 bags of cement which were donated to the school by Plan International towards the construction of a new classroom block.

A livid Malisa denied the allegations, accusing the MDC-T of trying to score cheap political points.

The chief now claims his subjects want to eject the MDC-T out of Silobela.

“I had told my people that we should refrain from violence, but these sad and false allegations by the MDC-T against my person have angered my subjects, it is going to disturb a lot of things,” Malisa said.

The chief said he now does not have the power to stop the violence against

MDC-T supporters and candidates because they make dangerous and uninformed allegations against him upsetting the balance of power in Silobela. Silobela legislator Anadu Sululu has also accused Malisa of abusing his position to enrich himself by forcing members of the public to fund construction of a court at his homestead.

“He has been forcing people to contribute towards building a court at his homestead and there are reports that he is now taking stray cattle and converting them to his own use. He has lost all qualities of a chief and turned himself into a little Tsar,” he said.

Sululu said the chief had called him and threatened to deal with him over the allegations of looting and forcing the people of Silobela to build him a court.

“He called me and threatened to take me to court and also said his people wanted to deal with me for making the allegations, but I cannot shun my duties because a chief threatens me,” he added.