Pugilist takes aim at WBO belt

“It is OK that Trevor is challenging me. I am happy because this is the opportunity for me to fight again after three years,” Thamsanqa Dube

ZIMBABWE heavyweight boxing champion Thamsanqa Dube is planning a return to the ring and is taking aim at the World Boxing Organisation (WBO) heavyweight title belt.


Dube, a former WBA Pan-African heavyweight boxing champion, last fought in 2011 when he was defeated by Flo Simba in South Africa.

He was stripped of the African title the same year after he failed to defend it.
Dube yesterday told the Southern Eye Sport that despite being inactive for two years, he believes he can win another top African award.

“I am going to shock people because I know I will bounce back. I have been training very hard because I want to contest for the WBO Pan-African title in October. I have not fought for two years, but I still believe I can fight.

“For now I am just looking for sponsorship from South Africa and Namibia because there are no fights locally.I have an injury now, but when I fully recover I will prepare for the fight,” he said.

Dube had beaten South African Jack Els in 2009 to win the WBA Pan-Africa title.
In 2011, Dube was under the
management of Horizon Pub and Restaurant.
He had signed a 10-match deal, but he only featured in a local fight against
veteran boxer Arigoma Chiponda whom he beat at the Large City Hall, Bulawayo.
Dube was coached by Ellington Mutero while veteran boxing coach Phillip
“Striker” Ndlovu still assists him.
He said he was eager to go to South Africa before he gets the fight, so that he
thoroughly prepares for it.


  1. Thamu is out of shape. I support the pugilist a lot but the loss to Flo exposed him a lot. I respect Thamu but I strongly believe he should try his lucky in a different discipline.

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