Zanu PF hunts for “imposters”


Zanu PF is escalating its social media presence, with the party hunting for whoever uses the popular Twitter parody account @zanu_pf.

Staff Reporter

The parody account has more than 15 000 followers and is popular for its wry humour and tongue in cheek updates, compared to the official Zanu PF account, @ZANUPF_Official, which has a modest 1 059 followers.

“Whoever is running the Twitter handle @zanu_pf please contact me urgently, will you?” Zanu PF’s deputy director of information Psychology Maziwisa posted on Twitter on Thursday morning.

“You’re not in any trouble at all!”

The parody account has sometimes been mistaken for being the official party account, and often has people in a knot, as they accuse it of racism and bigotry.

Maziwisa said while the account was comical, it misrepresented what the party stood for.

Last year, former ANC youth league leader Julius Malema approached a person running a popular parody account in his name and took it over.

The account was often a site for prolific tweets, although it has since petered.