Nkala family shocked by public statements


The late Zanu PF founding member Enos Nkala’s family say they are shocked at the sentiments expressed about the former Home Affairs minister, saying they are appalled people could speak so harshly about a dead person.


“We are very much amazed by the publication of such malicious remarks,” Herbert Nkala, a family spokesman said.

“We have never seen or heard of people who say such things about a dead person whom they know cannot respond to their remarks. It’s really sad.”

Herbert took exception at remarks expressed in the Southern Eye by analysts who said Nkala would not be mourned in Matabeleland and the Midlands for the role he played during the Gukurahundi massacres of the 1980s.

While Nkala in the past protested innocence, many have identified him positively and was widely quoted in the State media then calling for the demise of Zapu, ahead of a pogrom that claimed an estimated 20 000 people.

An emotional Herbert hung up his phone when asked about burial arrangements, in apparent protest to what he described as a vicious attack.

Nkala, who died on Wednesday, has since been declared a national hero and is tentatively set to be buried at the Heroes’ Acre, a place he once said he hated.


  1. Kanti bathi bebulala abantu lina lalingaphi? 20000 people died because of power hungry individuals, Nkala included, who wanted a one party state. We can’t mourn a BUTCHERER period….

  2. How you feel Hebert is 1000000 times less than how people who lost their families feel. If I were you I would just Shut up because you are lucky to be alive. People could do what your uncle or whoever the hell he is. At least he is lucky to die a natural death. He deserved killing and feeding dogs or lions in the zoo.


  4. the hebert can do is to apologise to the victims of gugurawundi on behalf of Enos nkala at least it will show remorse,hebert seems not to understand the pain peolpe who lost relatives feels and the thousand who cant get identities because they lost all parents .

  5. While its bad to talk about dead people but our deeds sometimes live after we are dead. Askrelatives of those killed during the Gukurahundi era and ask them if they have ind words to anybody who has links to that? He is one but we are talking of 20000. It was bad and he participated in a bad tragedy. Wafa wanaka is what we say but not to the stumps.’ I am also acting Minister of Home Affairs I can direct the police to arrest you’ who said this?

  6. it is unfortunate however but during his hay days he killed innocent villagers in mat and midlands but thought it could just be forgotten like that sorry, it was wroing and wicked for him to sanction what the dictator was instructing……the wages of sin is death, I hope he is wailing in hell and his cronies will join him soon.

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