Jahbue to release debut album


UPCOMING jazz musician Bramwelle Jabulani Ndlovu, aka Jahbue, is working on a debut 15-track album Inner Eye, set to be released early next year.


Some of the tracks on the album have been receiving fair airplay on South African radio stations Ukhozi FM  and Gagasi FM.

Local radio stations have also sampled some tracks such as the title track Life is a River. The song has made it into Radio Zimbabwe’s top 10 charts.

Ndlovu (25) told Southern Eye Lifestyle  that he had compiled a demo album and is working on it and would release it early next year.

“The demo I did was an introduction and an initiative to lay a foundation for my music. The album consists of tracks such as Life is a River  which talks about the beginning and the cycle of life inspired by the river system.

“There is Moses — a controversial one. It is not a gospel song and the audience could interpret it in different ways, like the biblical Moses was shown the promised land of Canaan, but did not get there. One can also relate the song with love or politics,” Ndlovu said.

Songs such as Heal Africa and Tree of Wisdom also add to the 15-track album.
Ndlovu said he was inspired by events  in Africa and he sees himself as a social commentator.

The musician was born and bred in Bulawayo. He grew up in Hillside and went to Gifford High School before enrolling at the Academy of Music where he learnt to play different types of music instruments.