Ranger up for ordering killing of poaching suspect

GOKWE — A Zimparks ranger was last Thursday locked up in remand prison for allegedly ordering his junior to shoot dead a suspected poacher who had tried to run away after being apprehended.


Tafireyi Mailani (30) of Magazo area under Chief Sai in Gokwe South was not asked to plead to murder when he appeared before Gokwe resident magistrate Shepherd Mjanja and was remanded in custody to December 19. He advised him to apply for bail at the High Court.

Prosecutor Mandla Ndlovu told the court that on January 5 2008 Mailani was in charge of a team of Zimparks rangers which was tracking poachers that had killed a buffalo at Chirisa Game Park.

They were trying to locate one who was suspected to have killed a buffalo.

They met a man who directed them where they could apprehend their suspect.

When they approached the suspect, those with him took to their heels and the State alleges that Mailani ordered a junior officer, Kinos Ndiguneyi, to shoot Daniel Dube, who was among those who took to their heels.

Dube died on the way to hospital and Ndiguneyi was later arrested.

Mailani had been spared arrest until it recently emerged that he was in charge of the team and was the one who ordered Ndiguneyi to shoot Dube and was arrested last month.

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