Gender violence: Deal with the root cause


WE ARE emerging from the aggressive campaign of educating each other about the effects and gravity of the violence perpetrated largely against women and girls by men and society at large.

The whole world is united in finding solutions to this monstrous activity.

A lot has been written and said in the last days and more shall be said hereafter.

I salute all the efforts done hitherto, but today I would like to suggest a different view. It is different as I see it from where I am.

Let me use an illustration to drive my point home. You are typing a document in your computer programme.

After typing you print out a copy and discover there is a misspelt word. You then take that copy and rub off the misspelt word and then print a new copy.

The same misspelt word will be there in the new copy no matter how many times you rub it off.

The only way of correcting it is to get back to your computer programme and correct the word and then print.

What am I saying? Society at large has been rubbing off a lot of issues without attempting to correct them in the “programming root”.

Unless we get back to the root system and there correct some things, we will continue to receive “human copies” that are bent on wrong things because that is how they are programmed.

-Let me come back home.

Beloved, family is the root of society or nations. Family is the one unit that produces people for society to use.

Family is the one with the original “script” for people making and production. Violence and all social ills have their origin in the programming unit which is the family.

I believe therefore that if we are going to seriously deal with these issues and overcome them, we need to go back to the root of society and there begin to work.

Whatever went wrong in society, went wrong in the family first.

Disobedience and corruption manifested in the family first in Genesis 3. Murder started in the family in Genesis 4.

Blaming and verbal abuse started in the family when the first family began to blame each other for the wrongs done.

Society is struggling with effects of a family system that is out of sync and needs revival.

The spirit of violence, rape, and witchcraft and all, is in the make-up of the family. All forms of abuses are in the family.

Family itself is victim of a well calculated scheme to have its original purpose distorted so that it becomes insignificant. When the family breaks down, everyone is vulnerable.

Human nature can only be controlled and trained at home and within a family set-up.

All perpetrators of this violence come from families and were brought up there. This is not what was the original product of the family.

You see, family is a place of training, grooming, teaching and coaching people.

It is a place where people are taught and learn humanity in the order of God, the creator.

The original main duty of every family was to produce an offspring that would glorify God.

Our challenge today is that this system called family has no more capacity to train people.

We have systematically removed the role and duty of bringing up, training and nurturing responsible citizens from the family and made them the roles of governments and schools and other institutions.

These institutions, no matter how noble, have no God mandate to nurture humanity to the will of God.

Most of them will do it as far as their sponsor commands. I believe we are paying the price of robbing the family of its authority and mandate.

Today family has become a social club governed largely by so-called constitutional demands.

Family must be governed by the will of God and His expectations of the human race.

Family is a place of love, nurture, communion and training.

The journey of life must be learnt and the learning institution of life is the family. In all we do, may I advocate for greater consideration of the family system in our nations.

Let us put our resources to something lasting and profound. Family is the root of society and feeding the root with good stuff will give us the desired fruit.

Let us go back to the family system.

Let us put our efforts in strengthening the family unit in this nation and I can assure you, the result will be good.
Let us make sure the family works, is sound, has capacity to nurture its offspring and has capacity to fend for and provide and above all is led by the Spirit of God.

“Unless God builds the house, they labour in vain that build it”. Psalm 127 vs 1.

I think it is time now that we took God seriously as a people.

When the family is doing what it is supposed to do, all these ills and vices in society will unbelievably decline.