Christmas gift for Bulawayo residents


The Bulawayo City Council on Friday gave city residents a timely Christmas gift with an announcement that it will temporarity suspend water shedding between December 23 and January.

Staff Reporter

Council said the move was mean to enable residents to celebrate Christmas without any challenges.

“The relaxation of the water shedding schedule is to celebrate the unveiling of the statue of the late Vice President, Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo and the official opening of the J M Nkomo Airport on Sunday, 22 December 2013,” mayor Martin Moyo in a statement.

“We welcome the many visitors to the city and hope that the relaxation of the schedule will further enable residents to celebrate Christmas without any challenges.

“Residents are however encouraged to continue to conserve water at all times in view of the low volumes of water currently being held in the city’s supply dams. “

The water shedding programme will resume on January 2.

Bulawayo tightened its water rationing regime this year and after some of its supply dams dried up.

The city has been facing perennial water shortages for decades with the long awaited Matabeleland Zambezi Water Project viewed as the only permanent solution to the crisis.