Councillor’s grass theft case in new twist


ZANU PF Victoria Falls councillor, Elias Mzamba on trial for stealing thatch grass worth $150 from Woodlands Camp, has been accused of threatening his co–accused’s key witnesses with unspecified action if they come to court to testify, prompting the magistrate to intervene.

Richard Muponde
Senior Court Reporter

Mzamba, the councillor for the Woodlands Farm ward, is jointly charged with Brian Mwale, but it emerged on Friday that he was threatening Mwale’s key witnesses lined up to testify.

Mwale is refuting alledations he stole the grass, but claims Mzamba gave him the grass as a payment for a job he had done for him
and told the court that he could bring witnesses to testify to that effect.

These were the same witnesses which Mzamba is alleged to have been threatening so that they do not come to testify in court.

Mwale advised Victoria Falls resident magistrate Sharon Rosemani about Mzamba’s conduct prompting her to order the State to make sure that the witnesses are brought to court on January 24 when the trial continues.

Mzamba and Mwale both pleaded not guilty to theft.

In his defence, Mzamba said he did not give Mwale the grass, but he took it on his own.

However, Mwale indicated to the court that he collected the thatching grass from the camp with the blessing of Mzamba who had failed to pay him and his workers for another thatching job they had conducted at the same camp.

Prosecutor Takunda Ndovorwi told the court that on August 3 last year at around 3pm, Mwale arrived at Woodlands Camp and told Christopher Mumpande the security guard that he had been given authority by Mzamba to collect thatching grass.

He proceeded to where the grass was kept and loaded it into a T35 truck and drove away.