PSL to introduce computickets


THE Premier Soccer League (PSL) will this week advertise tenders in a bid to introduce computickets for the upcoming season.

BY Brian Nkiwane

PSL system of tickets has been lagging behind with fans still buying match tickets on arrival at the gates which Kenny Ndebele said was a hectic process and required a lot of paid labour.

“We are going to start running tender adverts for this coming week. We would want all the companies that can do the job to apply,” Ndebele said.

The new system will make sure that football fans access tickets way before the match from selected outlets such as leading supermarkets and other offices.

He also admitted that this has been long overdue. “We have, for a long time wanted this to happen, but at times funds do not permit,” he said.

“We have discovered that people spend much of their time queuing at stadium entry points which then forces some fans to stay away.”

The new system is set to improve the number of fans who come to stadiums to watch football as it will be very easy to access entry tickets. There is a lot of pushing and shoving when people jostle for tickets at entry points where other end up losing valuables to thieves.

“This will definitely reduce congestion, save time and will improve transparency as it will give us the actual number of fans that would have paid to watch the match,” Ndebele added.

The old system demands a number of people who would need to be paid at the end of the day, but in this case, people will be needed at the gates just to check the tickets which fans would have purchased way before.