Another city dam full


BULAWAYO supply dams now stand at 76,28% full with Insiza Mayfair Dam becoming the second to reach 100% capacity following heavy rains that have been pounding the country in the past few weeks.


Mtshabezi Dam was the first to spill last week. Figures released by the Bulawayo City Council yesterday indicated that Insiza Mayfair Dam rose from 78,4% to 100% on Friday and is currently spilling.

Upper Ncema gained 23,7% to 67,4 % from 43,7 % and Umzingwane added 16,5% to 68,7 % from 52,2%.

Lower Ncema rose 9,25% from 58,5% to 67,7% and Inyankuni, which council said was located in a low catchment area, gained the least rising by 7,8% to 21, 2% from 13,4%.

Council last week suspended water-shedding saying the city’s supply dams had gained significant inflows, but warned that restrictions would be re-introduced should the water situation deteriorate.

According to council, water-shedding is a programme adopted to ensure that all residents have access to an equal amount of water.

The programme is carried out after noting that water supplies to an area are not adequate to meet demand.