Change your attitude towards you


I HAVE come to realise over the years that my biggest enemy was not necessarily what I saw or perceived as an enemy.

It is not colonialism, apartheid, the witch in the locality, the colour of my skin, my background, or the level of my education.

It is also not necessarily underdevelopment in Africa or the unspeakable level of poverty. It is not my rural background or my opharnhood. It is not that I am a woman or that I am not married. It is not the white man or black man, but my biggest enemy is “me”.

It is my attitude towards myself.

You will not conquer anything until you have conquered yourself. You stop yourself from doing anything meaningful by the way you perceive the outside world.

The world in you affects the world outside you. When you are too negative about yourself in your inner-man, you will only see negative things outside.

Millions of our people in Africa are caught up in this negative web and have no clue how to get themselves out.

We have developed and adopted an “I cannot” culture and made it a way of life and yet this is the greatest retrogressive force.

Let me challenge you with these three things.

  •  You worry too much about what other people are thinking about you. You have set down and done nothing about your dream because you think people think you do not qualify or you are nothing. You think they have said or treated you the way they did because you do not qualify or because you are black.

You are now not oppressed by apartheid or colonialism, but by your thoughts. I have heard and seen people who are virtually grounded in life because they thought people around them were not regarding them as people or they thought people thought they do not qualify.

Most of them do not have the evidence of their thoughts. They are just thinking. The Bible teaches that “as a man thinks in his heart so is he”.

You see, you are largely what you think and not what others think about you. It is what you think about yourself that matters the most. It is what you become.

What matters in life is what you think about yourself and about others. You do unto others as you would like them do unto you.

  • What do you think about yourself? What is your attitude towards yourself? This is key. No one will market you better than you do. I think all of us are our own chief executive officers in life.

It is your natural duty to present yourself to the world market the way you want to be seen.

The unfortunate thing is that many of us present ourselves as foolish and brainless and begin to blame everything around us for our failures.

I have come to realise that people in life will treat you in the manner you present yourself.

So the biggest task you have is to fully and seriously define yourself and create a product called you and present it to the world in your own style.

If you present yourself as unable, people will treat and receive you as unable.

If you present yourself as an able person, people will receive you and deal with you as able.

Generally speaking, you are treated in the manner you have presented yourself.

How are you presenting yourself? In Africa, most people present themselves as grumblers, poor, unemployable, unsuitable, violent at times.

Is this not one of the reasons why the whole world treats Africa as beggars?

Where did the world get this mind from? I think Africa portrayed this mind and attitude to the world and we are treated as such.

  •  Many of us suffer the consequences of our very own selves.We occupy ourselves with cheap and useless things such as, “I am black, I am a woman, I am uneducated, etc.”

So what my brother and my sister? Who said being your colour is weakness? Who said being a woman is a weakness? Who said education is the only highway to the life you dream?

All these are lies we sell ourselves as excuses of our failure to think properly. These things do not necessarily make you.

They can facilitate issues, but you are far much more able to be you even without a degree in anything.

Think it and you become it or get it. I am not downplaying education, but there is a generation that has given up on life because it claims it is not educated.

Life is not necessarily a product of education, but of personal desire, passion, talent and diligence.

Life is a product of one’s thinking as opposed to outside environment.

Disqualifying yourself is exactly what the enemy intended to make you rubbish yourself. He makes you think you are unable.

He makes you think you are cursed even when Jesus has set you free. If you do not renew your thinking you will not be transformed.

Seriously think about this. See you next time with some tips.

Kilton Moyo is the Author of the Sex Trap and a Guidance and Counseling Consultant. Call/Whatsapp: +263 775 337 207.


  1. really inspirational and motivational read Kilton Moyo.

    When people say they can’t do it, means they are not positive about it. The positive attitude will surely make people work on almost anything they want. It’s just the POSITIVE ATTITUDE towards yourself which makes you to do wonders.

    Thanks again for the wonderful article.

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