Lupane to get mining shares


LUPANE villagers are set to acquire 10% shares from Discovery Investments and China Africa Sunlight MH, mining companies operating in the Matabeleland North provincial capital, Chief Mabhikwa has said.

He said the two companies are expected to cede 10% of their shares which would then be channelled towards infrastructural development in the province.

“We are expecting to receive something from them, following their pledges to grant some of their shares towards improving our clinics and road networks,” Mabhikwa said.

He said their clinics were not up to standard hence the need for capital to guarantee that they are equipped to provide better health services to thousands of villagers.

“Lupane is the provincial capital and it should lead by example by having a healthy road network, which has the potential to add to the growth of Matabeleland North.” he said.

He added that Lupane was well endowed with natural resources therefore locals could benefit from them to uplift the district. Meanwhile, Mabhikwa said some of the challenges affecting the area included unemployment and inadequate funding for developmental projects.

“The major concern now is lack of employment for the youths and at present, we are trying to come up with initiatives that create employment,” he said.

On agriculture, Mabhikwa highlighted that revamping of irrigation schemes key to enhancing food production. He said the majority of families in Lupane did not get good yields from the last farming season and the resuscitation of irrigation schemes was going to ensure continuous food production throughout the year.

“There is a need to revamp irrigation schemes in Lupane. We have Arda in Jotsholo and Tshongogwe irrigation schemes which have the capacity to produce more food if well supported,” the youthful Mabhikwa said.

He, however, bemoaned the fact that the schemes were not adequately equipped, as they did not have the requisite equipment such as tractors.

— Radio Dialogue