Grade 7 exams: Council schools disappoint


NTSHAMATHE Primary School in Old Magwegwe high-density suburb was the top performing school out of the 29 council-run schools in the 2013 Grade 7 final examinations, according to latest council minutes.

Ingubo (Lobengula), Dumezweni (Pumula South), Aisleby Farm and St Peters Primary School near Old Pumula were the worst; according to a council report of last year’s final Grade 7 examination results of the Bulawayo City Council-run schools.

Ntshamathe recorded a 73,13% pass rate, followed by Mgiqika Primary in Nketa 9 (72,77%), Emganwini Primary (69,31%) and Mahatshula Primary sits on fourth position with 67,57%.

“The position results for the schools were obtained by measuring the number and percentage ratio of candidates who passed with a Grade 5 or better in all the subjects,” in part the Health, Housing and Education report reads.

The report said the council was not happy with the performance of its schools as shown by their failure to record a 100% pass rate. The council said low morale among teachers over salaries was to blame for the poor pass rate.

“It was always envisaged that the school performances would always improve in each given year.

“However, with the teacher morale always going down because of conditions of service in the schools, this type of wishful thinking and expectation would be easily thwarted.

“Schools now had adequate textbooks and supplementary learning materials.

“They continued to buy more and it was hoped that once conditions of service for teachers were addressed, then the performance would shoot up,” the report added.

The council added that last year’s examinations were set well above the children’s standards, resulting in schools failing to record a 100% pass rate.

“Furthermore, for the rest of the schools including St Peters, the chain was that most papers were set above the children’s standard,” the report adds.