Posturing in network marketing


DEFINITION of the word “posturing” in the context of network marketing.

It is the expression of the leadership qualities that you demonstrate when you are talking with someone (ie a prospect).

Posture it’s not something difficult to have, in fact, you already have it right now!

Let’s look at a practical example, just to illustrate the point that you have inherent posturing qualities.

Suppose your neighbour comes to your house and starts giving you instructions on how to run your family affairs.

The obvious reaction will be to stand your ground and boldly tell him that it’s your home and you have your own way of running your private life.

“Hands off stranger!” or you may simply tell him to get lost!

Precisely, this is posturing in a real life situation.

In network marketing, you have to lead the conversation when you are interacting with a prospect. Show the prospect that he has to qualify for your time and he/she needs you more than you need him/her.

Do not show excitement when the prospect is indicating that he/she wants to join your business opportunity, because this creates an impression that you are needy or driven by a mentality of scarcity and this is not attractive.

It can chase prospects away from you, because prospects do not want to be signed into business by a desperate person.

Instead, just smile and remain cool. Whenever you open your mouth ask more questions relevant to the sponsoring process.

Then listen to the response given by your prospect. In network marketing listening is an integral part of the sponsoring process.

That’s why God gave us two ears and one mouth! So learn to listen a lot than you talk. if ever you want to win people’s favour.

He who cares the list holds the power.

Read that again and again. The truth is that a big number of network marketers are failing to demonstrate posturing skills when dealing with prospects, hence the reason why they do not make it in this industry.

A suggested solution to the posturing challenge is to increase your self esteem through reading a lot of motivational books and attending your company training sessions. Until next time!

Nqobile Tshuma is network marketer and a published author of three network marketing books.
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