MDC-T slogan raises dust


MDC-T Bulawayo acting provincial chairperson Dorcas Sibanda and former city deputy mayor Amen Mpofu have crossed swords over a recent ban of the ongafuniyo kayekele party slogan that the latter condemns as undemocratic. 


Mpofu raised a motion recently at the party’s provincial council meeting calling for the slogan to be stopped arguing that it was divisive, undemocratic and projected the party as a dictatorship.

He got the backing of other provincial council members and it was resolved that the former deputy mayor, organising secretary and Pumula MP Albert Mhlanga and Bulawayo East MP Tabitha Khumalo be tasked with conducting outreach meetings informing structures about the slogan ban.

However, Sibanda, who is also the Bulawayo East MP, said the slogan should not be banned as it was a necessary morale booster.

“The slogan has been around for years. It brings morale to the party supporters,” she said. “I should hasten to indicate that slogans are meant to boost morale of party supporters and this slogan did just that. We cannot, therefore, say we should stop using this slogan and besides those that do not want to use it are not forced to do so.”

However, Mpofu hit back saying those resisting its ban were undemocratic in as much as they could not be taken seriously in politics.

“The majority of the people are saying that the slogan is divisive. I for one am against this slogan,” he said.

“Some of us that are against this slogan are saying that we cannot build a party with such bad slogans.

“We need slogans that embrace people from all walks of life, but this one does the exact opposite,” Mpofu said.

“The MDC-T is a democratic party and does not need such slogans that are for governing political parties that do not believe in multi-party states. I can bet my last dollar that those who want and are defending the slogan will never win the hearts of the people.”

Infighting is rife in the MDC-T Bulawayo structures with feuding party members taking sides in almost everything.


  1. What is in a slogan? We still hear slogans like “phansi ngozibani” which in my view are more destructive than “ongafuniyo kayekele”

  2. Dorcas Sibanda she is just defendind the slogan for the sake of defending but in reality tht slogan is devisive.Another factor people should be more careful with Docars Sibanda cause last election she rigged primary elections using zanu pf structure with the help of Settlement Chikwinya

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