Victoria Falls poet pens novel


VICTORIA FALLS award-winning poet Obert Dube penned his first novel titled IZiyoni/Zionism.

Obert Dube
Obert Dube


The book interprets, educates and teaches people about Zion as a church.

It demystifies perception that Zion is associated with criminals or sexual activities.

In an interview with the Southern Eye Lifestyle Dube said the novel projects the life of people in Zimbabwe, capturing the politics rival among the churches.

“Without giving out much about the contents of the book, IZiyoni attempts to explain why we do our things in a different way, why we have umlindelo (all night prayer),” he said.

This is done for some good deeds not for individuals to get opportunities to see their lovers. Most people undermine Zionists.”

Dube said the book also clarifies why some youths in Zion end up abandoning the church for other religious outfits after accepting public opinion that Zion is not a church.

“This book therefore will correct all the misinterpretation which has gripped most people,” he said.

The book attempts to explain why there are many Zionist churches with different leaders and why they use different uniforms and colours.

Recently, Dube received an award at the National Arts Merit Awards for being an outstanding poet. He has performed at several functions such as during the unveiling of the statue of the late Father Zimbabwe, Joshua Nkomo. He has also performed for President Robert Mugabe.

He teaches at Mosi oa Tunya High School in Victoria Falls.