City DJ strikes SA deal


A 21-year-old house music disc jockey from Bulawayo has been snapped by one of South Africa’s top record companies, Soul Candi, after he was spotted playing at a pool party in Durban last month.


Enos Mabukwa, aka DJ Knox of Pumula North, has seized the opportunity by both hands and is expected to release his debut album next week.

DJ Knox said one of Soul Candi’s producers, Harael Salkow, has been encouraging him to take music seriously after their chance encounter in Durban.

“Salkow called me asking to be my producer, but I panicked and postponed our appointment so that I could give myself time to think about what I was getting myself into,” he said.

“I visited him two weeks back. He told me about the importance of taking music seriously and the reasons why I should make it my priority.”

“We started working together as he perfected some of the singles I had produced on my own,” he added.

“I was not recognised in Bulawayo, but I knew someday things were going to turn out well for me.

“My gratitude goes to Harael Salkow and Soul Candi who have made my dream come alive and to all fans that support my music.”

Salkow said he recognised the upcoming DJ’s talent and decided to engage him.

“Soul Candi started as a record store owned by DJ Mbuso and I, then extended into a record label,” he said in a statement.

Salkow said they would use DJ Knox to break into the Zimbabwean market.

“DJ Mbuso who mixed Soul Candi Session One and Two series pulled out of Soul Candi and I purchased his shares in the company.

“Soul Candi is best known for its record label, which boasts some of the hottest DJs and producers in the country and through DJ Knox we want to go beyond our borders and look for talent outside South Africa.”

Bulawayo has many talented artists struggling for a breakthrough due to limited resources and lack of exposure.