Confusion hits rugby league


CONFUSION reigns supreme at the National Rugby League as once again they have had to cancel the semi-finals which had been slated for this weekend as teams failed to assemble players.


The NRL has been going through a lot of problems of late which has seen them having to cut short the season due to among other things financial constraints.

League rugby in the country was sponsored by Delta Beverages under their Lion Lager brand, but they pulled out leaving them with no financial backing.Delta-beverages

The league had to be stopped midway as teams were failing to raise funds to travel for games and the NRL who were meant to fund their trips is also broke.

Two days after announcing the semi-final, NRL chairman Nody Kanyangarara confirmed yesterday that it has been cancelled.

“The semi-finals have been called off. There is nothing that will be played until next season. The teams are now working on the Seven’s Series that kicks off in a couple of weeks,” said Kanyangarara.

He said they are already making preparations for next season and there are a number corporates who have indicated that they would want to back them financially.