Callistus hits back at Khutshwekhaya

Callistus Ndlovu

BULAWAYO Zanu PF chairman Callistus Ndlovu has taken a swipe at Senator Naison Khutshwekhaya Ndlovu, whom he described as weak and politically incoherent, as infighting in the party continues unabated.


Callistus’ rebuke follows Naison’s remarks that the former was “educated but empty” as the two argue over implementation of the Unity Accord.

“One would expect him to choose his words carefully. Drawing into the discourse of Unity Accord and the Willowvale scandal is no sign of maturity,” Callistus said. “It speaks of political incoherence.”

The Zanu PF provincial chairperson’s attacks came after Naison told the Chronicle that Callistus’ hands were dirty, as he had been implicated in the 1980s Willowvale scandal. Callistus said he congratulated his namesake for pulling out of the race for the vice-presidency, insinuating that the Insiza legislator stood no chance.

Callistus, however, described Naison as his brother, whom he did not want to have bad words with in public. Callistus and some of his colleagues have always had a tense relationship after the he reportedly described Zapu as a “dead donkey” in the 1980s, before quitting.

Although he claims the remarks were taken out of context, they have nevertheless stuck and have been used to show that he was not suitable to be chairman of Bulawayo province.