MDC refutes bail scramble claims


THE MDC has denied reports that its members were scrambling for a $2 000 bail refund the party had posted for Charles Thomas, who faced treason allegations and instead accused its former Bulawayo province spokesperson of dishonesty.

Own Correspondent

Edwin Ndlovu had claimed that MDC leader Welshman Ncube and himself had raised the money to post Thomas’ bail and not the party, but national spokesman Nhlanhla Dube said this was untrue.

“When Charles Thomas was granted bail and encountered difficulties in paying it, Ncube was approached to provide assistance,” he said.

“Ncube personally sent the full $2 000 to the MDC Bulawayo regional office through the banking system with instructions that the office should pay the bail money.

“Ndlovu reportedly posted the bail in his own name instead of the party’s and kept the receipt.

The former provincial spokesman then told the MDC that he had contributed $80, as only $1 920 had arrived, with the shortfall due to bank charges.

“Ndlovu expressed he had some difficulty in returning the $1 920, which he admitted did not belong to him and asked for time to do so.”

On Wednesday Ndlovu claimed he was writing examinations and would give Ncube his part of the money after he was done.