Celebrate your spouse


JUST by observation, I think there are more weddings in December each year than any other month.

This means there are more wedding anniversaries during the festive season and I am sure that millions of couples are celebrating each other this time of the year.

My wife and I celebrate our anniversary on the December 17 and so yesterday was our 26th anniversary. It continues today because we had a two-day wedding. We have been together now for 31 years and we can publicly praise God for taking us this far.

My intention today is just to remind couples to celebrate each other during this festive season. Many people would celebrate many things in their lives but fail to celebrate what matters the most. Others will celebrate other people, neighbours and friends but fail to celebrate their spouses.

I find it weird that you would shower footballers, politicians, preachers, prophets, men and women on the streets with praise, but never praise the man or woman you share your bed and bathroom with every day of your life. If you do not celebrate each other, who will celebrate you then?

Why don’t you make it deliberate this season to go out of your way and celebrate your wife, the mother of your children or your husband, the father of your children and lover of your life?

Life is what you make it and so is marriage. If you introduce praise and celebration in your marriage, you will heal yourselves from many ailments.

Celebrating each other builds unity and confidence and you definitely need this as you journey through life. You do not have to wait for outsiders to praise you or celebrate you, you have it within your house.

Make a choice that you would make your marriage what you want it to be. It is not the people outside who make our marriages, it is us. We choose it and we work it out. It is not even strife or challenges that make our marriages, it is us.

You see, troubles will always be there but it is you who allow them to shape your marriage or not. In the middle of whatever troubles and challenges, choose to celebrate each other and praise each other.

Concentrate on strengths and good deeds rather than on weaknesses. The reason why many couples do not affirm, praise and celebrate each other is that they are always highlighting weaknesses.

You build nothing this way. See good, encourage and praise it. Good will always overcome evil. Do not define your spouse by weaknesses but by the good they do. No human being is perfect.

Take each other out during the day or at night. Be lovers once more and date each other and concentrate on your love for each other. It has been beaten up by many things but love never fails. Love has a capacity to endure all things and keeps its nature.

It is not costly to go out as long as you know what you are doing and why you are doing it. Even with ten dollars you can enjoy your time out. There are many food outlets in many cities and towns and you can utilise these. You can visit many other places and just be you.

Buy each other presents that attach much value. It builds love and enhances romance to buy each other presents like you used to do when you were dating.

This festive season, never mind the economic conditions, your love for your spouse is more than these. I am not talking about buying your wife a stove or plates here.

I am talking about presents that are romantic and that will inspire love and emotions of attachment towards each other. Show that love is still having a spark.

Beloved, you need to understand that life is short and is exciting when you walk in love and in a celebrating mood. Do not allow afflictions to shut the eyes of your love towards your spouse.

Your spouse is your best friend, your celebrity, your hero and your life mate. Celebrate them to inspire and encourage them. Sit next to them, put your hands around them and tell them in their face that you love them and they are the best.

Acknowledge the good they have done and praise their patience and endurance. Love one another beloved for this is the new commandment.

Happy anniversary to you all wedded lovers out there. To all married men out there, if you want to live longer, never forget your anniversary day.

Kilton Moyo is a pastor, guidance & counseling consultant and author of Celebrating My Africanness. You can call or WhatsApp on +263 775 337 207/ 0712 384 841