Euphonik rubbishes Mafokate


DJ EUPHONIK (real name Themba Nkosi) held nothing back during his interview with talkshow host Noeleen Maholwana-Sangqu yesterday.

In a candid interview on the Show 3 Talk on SABC 3, the 5FM DJ spoke about his journey to stardom as well as his hopes and dreams, but it was his personal life that got social media buzzing.

Nkosi did not mince his words as he told the talk show host what he thought of kwaito legend and businessman Arthur Mafokate.

“We all know that he pays journalists for stories,” the DJ said.

Arthur Mafokate
Arthur Mafokate

Euphonik was referring to stories of an affair he allegedly had with singer Chomee in 2014.

A report in Drum magazine last year claimed that Mafokate had decided to part ways with his then girlfriend Chomee because of the smses from Euphonic which he (Arthur) claimed to have found on her phone.

“At a birthday party that I had, Chomee was invited by my staff to perform. I sent her an sms the next morning, saying, ‘Thanks for last night, it was awesome’, and she said, ‘Thank you, it was great’, and he (Mafokate) took that sms out of context – a year later,” Euphonik said.

Euphonik also referred to the “nudey” which Chomee was said to have sent.

“I mean Chomee never sent me a nudey (nude image) and she was in the papers for a “nudey” and where would I get it from? And if she had sent it to me, how would anyone else know that she sent me a “nudey”?

“It’s just unfortunate that in the space that we play with we also come across guys like that.  And I’m OK to say that about him because he knows the truth about himself. I know the truth about him and it’s OK for me to say that because that is the truth about him.”

Noeleen then asked if it was safe to assume the two artistes had “beef” (slang term for problem, fight or argument).

“Can I say that there’s beef between you and Arthur?

“No, absolutely not. Cabanga ngizobeefa nomuntu omdala?” (what beef would I have with an elder),” he said.

“Respect across all factors of life is earned. You don’t just get respect because you’ve been in the industry longer, it doesn’t work like that,” he continued.

Euphonik told the talk show host that he hoped to get married in the next two years and planned to have a whole squadron of children to carry his legacy on.

– Sowetan Live