Byo youths urged to be proactive


BULAWAYO United Residents’ Association (Bura) has urged youths to be more engaged in the governance of the city as there was
need for fresh ideas and new blood.


Bura strategy and marketing officer David Masuku said there were too few youths in the ranks of the association’s membership and there was need to address this.

“The problem is that many people think Bura is a Zanu PF project and since many want to dissociate themselves from politics, joining our organisation becomes unthinkable,” he said.

“It is, however, paramount for interested individuals to know that Bura is not confined to any political party whatsoever and that they should join in numbers and make the difference they would like to see in the city.”

Masuku said one of the major impediments to growth as a society was the ignorance of the youths who could have the ability and knowhow to make a change that will contribute towards growth.

“Mobilising the youths would be a great step towards growth so that we create awareness on the state of funds and production in companies, especially parastatals,” he said.

“For example, how many youths right now know that out of 10, only four operation theatres at Mpilo Central Hospital are functional?

“If we manage to mobilise youths, they could help with the little they have got, perhaps provide monetary aid, or labour in form of clean-up campaigns and community education as a manner of information dissemination.”

The association’s chairperson, Winos Dube, said they were apolitical and represented residents’ needs.

“As our name suggests, Bura has always been an organisation that reflects solely on the residents’ needs and not pursuing anyone else’s interests,” he said.

“This is largely the reason the association has no sponsor except the residents themselves, because when you accept money from someone, you are bound to do as they please since you are dependent on them.”

Dube said they were opening the door for young people to come into the organisation and learn from its experienced leaders.

“I encourage them to join and make the organisation transparent, as we have structures and fields that everyone can fit into,” he added.