Bosso plead with Sport ministry

SPORT, Arts and Culture minister Andrew Langa

HIGHLANDERS have approached the Sport, Arts and Culture minister Andrew Langa for assistance with clearance of their newly-purchased Marcopolo bus expected in the country this week.


The much-awaited Highlanders bus was bought by the club through long-time benefactor Tshinga Dube sometime last year.

However, with the bus still not in the country, Southern Eye Sport yesterday spoke to club chief executive officer Ndumiso Gumede, who indicated they had sought Langa’s assistance to have the bus brought in.

“We have approached Sport, Arts and Culture minister Andrew Langa to assist us so that we get a duty free certificate,” he said.

“A lot of money is required to clear the bus that is why we have decided to seek help from the ministry. We have, however, not received any communication from him after the request.

“The minister had said he would assist us so that we get a duty-free certificate. The bringing of the bus is work in progress.

We have the paperwork which includes the bus’ old registration book.”

Gumede referred further questions to club chairman Peter Dube who in turn referred questions to Tshinga.

“The bus should be here this week,” said Tshinga Dube.

“We will be sending Vusa Dube to collect it. The club will look into the duty issues.”

But it will take a lot of convincing for Langa to get the duty-free certificate considering that the government does not incentivise sports investors. Worse, the ministry does not have a national sports policy which details how they reward some people or organisations that sponsor sport.

Bosso have struggled to get a bus from Nyaradzo Funeral Services although it is believed the bus had been delivered to Harare.

Sources indicate that Bosso is not happy with some of the conditions attached to the bus.

One of the conditions, sources say, is that Highlanders must sign a pre-contract indicating that once their deal with current sponsors BancABC ends next season, Nyaradzo will take over.

But in fear of jeopardising the current deal, Highlanders have looked at other options to get transport for the first team.

During the Bosso annual general meeting that was held at the clubhouse on January 25, Dube said the bus was expected that same week.

“We have got the bus and it has been paid for,” he said.

“The cheapest we could get was about $40 000. I hope there won’t be much money to be paid at the border. I don’t think it will be more than $10 000. We are hoping to send people to go and collect it at the border this week.

It is a Marcopolo, a very strong bus. We are very proud of our bus because it has an Automobile Association certificate.”

The bus was bought for
$40 000. Dube chipped in with $20 000 while the club contributed the same amount.

The Bosso benefactor told club members that the team bus had to meet certain standards and have a toilet, television set and pass the Automobile Association Standard test.