Bulawayo gospel artiste releases Mighty God


UP AND COMING Bulawayo gospel artiste Zwelitsha Gumbo has released a single titled Mighty God, a traditional worship offering which depicts the Ndebele culture.


Gumbo (29), also known as ZOE the Vocal Lion, said the single had some hard-hitting rhythms diverse from traditional gospel tracks.
“There are gospel singers and there are ministers,” he said.

“I’m more than a singer, I’m a minister and my ministry is behind the microphone. With melody, I preach the gospel; the good news of our Lord Jesus through music.

“The Bible says put ye first the kingdom of God and all these other things will follow. Money and fame are secondary; the gospel is primary.”

He said because music was a universal language, he tried to cater for everyone.

“I am diverse and not limited to one genré, be it rock, reggae or house,” he said.

“This means my music reaches out to different people with unique tastes. My music is Holy Ghost-inspired, meaning my lyrics are not abruptly thrown about, but I have a message to put across.”

A follow up album is due in April and Gumbo promised his fans gospel like never heard before. Gumbo worked with other artistes — Mr Millionz, Mel D, Thandy, Songbird, Jacob Song, Palmer, Tinah and Macjee.

He said the local gospel scene was starved of sponsorship and promotion.

“There are limited studios that are owned or run by Christians, which proves a challenge in that the producers might not fully appreciate gospel music,” he said.

“Christians must set up studios and venture more into music production.”

Gumbo said the name Vocal Lion was inspired by the way “I used to sing, I used to roar, plus a lion is a symbol of strength and authority”.

He, therefore, wants to change gospel music with his roaring sounds.