Magwegwe Pirates given until tomorrow

Zifa Southern Region chairman Musa Mandaza

ZIFA Southern Region could be left with no choice but to approach the province for another club to participate in the Southern Region Soccer League as is appears newly-promoted Magwegwe Pirates are failing to make a financial commitment to take part.


Magwegwe Pirates were promoted to the league together with Zifa Bulawayo Province Division Two champions Bulawayo City (then BCC Golden Stars) after coming on position two on the log standings, but the former is financially-challenged and appear not to have capacity to fulfil their league matches in the Southern Region Soccer League.

Zifa Southern Region chairman Musa Mandaza yesterday said they were writing to the club and to the province to apprise them of the situation as they did not want to disturb the smooth start of the league which is set to roll on March 21.

“We do not want to be harsh on them (Magwegwe Pirates), but we are in the process of writing a letter to them because we don’t want to disturb our league. We want to be aware if they will be able to pay referees and to travel for their matches. We are giving them until Wednesday.

They did not attend othe annual general meeting and we called them for induction and they did not come. What we are going to do is write to the province and tell them that the team that they gave us is not coming to the party and they should be ready to give us another club,” Mandaza said.

After they were elevated, the club immediately appealed for funding to take part in Division One.

They had been fixtured to play Bulawayo Chiefs (formerly Plumtree Chiefs) at Raylton Sports Club in their first game.

Two other clubs promoted to the league, Bulawayo City and Makomo from Matabeleland North, have already paid their full affiliation fees ($3 000) while Amagagasi also from Matabeleland North have made a part payment.

Amagagasi and Makomo were promoted from Matabeleland North. If Magwegwe Pirates fail to make, Zim Leopards could come on board after they came position three in Division Two last year. Old Clubs’ affiliation fees are pegged at $2 500.