Council reallocates stands in housing project


THE Bulawayo City Council has reallocated nearly 3 000 housing stands to resolve the dispute of double allocations in Cowdary Park’s Hlalani Kuhle/ Garikai housing project, it has been learnt.


According to a council report, the correction of the anomaly on double allocation of 3 923 housing stands is near complete.

“A total of 3 923 (housing stands dispute) has been resolved with 2 967 new stands reallocated and 956 waiting reallocation and 208 forms have been processed as from end of last year,” reads the report.

“Available stands are being prepared for those who are up to date with payments and a total of 84 have been done as of December 2014.”

The local authority said it was busy setting up a proper housing administration in Cowdray Park, to cater for residents in the sprawling suburb.

“A permanent housing office is still outstanding and office staff is still temporary,” reads the report.

“Rangers have permanently set base to curtail wanton building and sand poaching and permanent requisite staff, appropriate buildings for revenue and administration offices are outstanding at the housing office.”

The local authority said they sent withdrawal letters, but some had not yet responded.

“One hundred and twenty one withdrawal letters were sent out and 46 positively responded, 14 permanently cancelled, three returned as beneficiaries not known at the forwarding address and 58 have not responded to date.”

The government handed over the Cowdray Park Hlalani Kuhle/Garikai housing project to the council in March 2012, in line with the 2009 Cabinet resolution.

The government and the city council embarked on an audit of the disputed Hlalani Kuhle/Garikai stands after officials repossessed about 2 300 stands from beneficiaries in the suburb, on the grounds they were not paying developmental fees to the consortium.