Uzalo receives R20 million Durban boost


JOHANNESBURG – SABC 1’s successful telenovela, Uzalo, has injected some much needed energy and income into the coastal city of Durban.

The popular soapie with more than five million viewers has injected R20 million into Durban’s coffers.

Uzalo is filmed and produced entirely in the East Coast city and KwaMashu township. “A considerable amount of the production’s budget supports local industries such as the hospitality, property leasing and transport businesses in the Durban and KwaMashu areas,” said Sbu Mpungose, the spokesperson of Stained Glass Pictures production, the creators of Uzalo.

“A bulk of the on-screen talent featured on Uzalo and behind-the-scenes production crew is recruited from KZN, which begins to stem the creative brain-drain from the province and in turn grows the support industries of TV production industry,” Sbu said.

Uzalo is screened from Monday to Wednesday at 8.30 pm on SABC1.