Commission cuts Gweru salaries


The caretaker commission recently appointed by government to run Gweru City Council affairs following the suspension of all 18 city councillors, has proposed a 50% salary cut for all employees to reduce the local authority’s wage bill.


Last month, the three-member commission, led by former Masvingo town clerk Tsunga Mhangami, said that the wage bill was too high compared to revenue collected by the local authority.

Gweru’s wage bill currently stands at $888 000 per month, which is about 72% of its monthly income.

The money is distributed among the 1 300-strong workforce.

gweru council

According to a new salary schedule seen by this paper, the town clerk’s salary would be cut from $8 992 to $4 422.

The director of finance, who is the second highest paid employee after the town clerk, will see his wages cut from $7 000 to $3 800.
Middle managers, most of whom are earning $4 000, will now get $2 000, while those in the lower grades would grossing $398 from $450.

Workers have, however, vowed to resist the move, saying it was being imposed on them.

“At our feedback meeting workers vowed to resist the proposals to cut salaries,” workers committee spokesperson, Cornelia Selipiwe said.

“But during a works council meeting, the commissioners made it clear that either they cut salaries or resort to retrenchments.”

Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere last month suspended 18 Gweru councillors including mayor, Hamutendi Kombayi accusing them of corruption, incompetence and abusing council resources.

Mhangami could not be reached for comment as he was said to be out of office yesterday.