Gweru moots comprehensive water audit

GWERU City Council said it would soon carry out a water audit to determine how ratepayers use, document the state of meters, connections and identify properties on the city’s sewer system among other concerns.

BY Stephen Chadenga

According to town clerk, Daniel Matawu, the local authority has since invited tenders from interested companies to carry out the audit.

“Among the scope of work of the water audit is to identify installations and classify them in categories of domestic, commercial and industrial use,” Matawu said.

gweru city council

He said council should be able to document meter sizes in use at each and every property including details of such properties with fire hydrants and any illicit uses.

“We should be able to document functional and non-functional meters, authorised and unbilled connections as well as identify all legal and illegal connections,” he said.

The audit should also be able to determine which properties in the city were not connected to the water system as well as properties on the borehole water systems.

Council, through the audit, which is expected to commence early this year, should be able to determine properties on the city’s sewer system and those on septic tanks and establish whether such connections were legal or not.

“We should also be able to document and quantify distribution network losses with the aid of district metered areas,” Matawu said.

Over the years ratepayers have been complaining of council estimated water bills, a situation they argued prejudiced them in making payments.

There have also been reports of illegal connections where users deprived council of revenue as they do not pay bills.

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