Sign language manual to increase access to justice for the deaf



THE Judicial Service Commission (JSC) developed a Sign Language manual in order to increase access to justice for the deaf and hard of hearing, the Deaf Zimbabwe Trust (DZT) said yesterday.

In a statement to mark the International Day of Sign Language, DZT appreciated government moves to put sign language at the centre of learning through the new Education Act.

The day was being celebrated under the theme We Sign for Human Rights.

“Sign language is provided for in the Constitution of Zimbabwe as one of the 16 officially recognised languages in Zimbabwe,” the trust said. “There is a need to continue developing the language and recognising its importance in the fulfilment of the rights of people who are deaf and hard of hearing.”

The trust added that access to sign language was giving people who are deaf access to the world and enabling them to claim and access their rights fully.

“Access to language rights in health, justice and information in sign language will ensure deaf people are treated equally as rights holders,” it said.

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