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THE MASS Public Opinion Institute survey has revealed that 62% of people countrywide were not aware and had never heard of the Joint Monitoring and Implementation Committee (Jomic), a body meant to monitor the implementation of the .

Pamela Mhlanga

The research body carried out the study between last October and January this year, with principal researchers saying Jomic was known by the elite and educated people only.

“Out of the people that were aware of Jomic, most were from Harare Province and the least number were from Matabeleland North,” Stephen Ndoma (principal researcher) said at the launch of the report.
He said only 11% of the people without formal education said they had heard of Jomic.

The researcher revealed that when respondents were asked how accessible Jomic was to members of the public, only 12% said it was accessible. A third said it was not accessible at all, while one out of 10 said they did not know.

“Only 9% rated Jomic’s performance good in the community, while 16% rated it as bad and very bad with 13% saying they could not grade it and 62% saying they have never heard of it,” Ndoma added.

Some of the stakeholders at the meeting said the results vindicated claims that Jomic was a paper tiger and was a corrupt organisation.

One of the stakeholders from Intsha.com, a youth organisation, Mgcini Moyo accused the body of being concerned with self-enrichment and using Jomic vehicles for personal use instead of using the vehicles for raising awareness campaigns in communities.

In response, the Bulawayo Jomic provincial co-chairperson Dorcas Sibanda said although criticism was welcome, the monitoring body had done a good job in terms of awareness campaigns and publicity.

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