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Zanu PF stuck in 2008


Staff Reporter
DESPITE claiming that it was ready for elections, Zanu PF seems ill-prepared and is still using 2008 election campaign material.
Party members have in the past week been plastering posters of President Robert Mugabe on walls and trees in Bulawayo, but with the 2008 slogan.

The posters still bear the slogan “Behind the fist, for principled, consistent and fearless leadership”, showing Mugabe clenching his fist in the traditional Zanu PF salute.

This year’s slogan is “Indigenise, empower, develop and create employment”.
In some cases the party members have tried to scratch off sections on the posters where 2008 is written, but they could have found this cumbersome as there was a lot of campaign material to erase.

Most of the 2008 posters were pasted in the high-density suburbs where they were placed at beerhalls and shopping centres.
There were reports that Zanu PF had received campaign material from China, but party spokesman Rugare Gumbo vehemently denied that.
Gumbo defended the party’s decision to use 2008 campaign material saying they were yet to print this year’s.

“It is alright because they have not yet received the new ones,” he said.
“They can be using those ones and we will be sending them some (new) posters soon.”

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