Prisoners seek funds for play


A Bulawayo-based prison officer and playwright Ornwell Siziba has appealed for sponsorship from the corporate world to finance his second production that must be recorded in February.

Own Correspondent

Siziba who authored and produced a local drama, Oguluva, that was screened for the whole of 2013 on local television, said he is looking forward to recording his second offering, but was facing financial challenges.

“I have written the second drama, but we do not have adequate resources to record,” he said.

“On behalf of the other inmates that I am working with, we are kindly asking members of the public to assist us to record our second offering as this has gone a long way in the rehabilitation of inmates and those who have been released.”

Siziba said his latest drama will be titled Jikeleza. This production will have both ex-inmates and inmates taking part.

“What we are going to do now is to fuse ex-inmates and inmates in this production which is set to have 13 episodes,” he said.

“The last production we did was premiered this year in February and received a lot of support from members of the public who saw the talent that inmates exhibited in our production Oguluva.”

One of the actors who is a prison officer, Yevai Gumbo, said there is a group made of former prisoners inmates that they formed called Impilo Entsha Theatre Arts.

The group always performs at various functions and some of the group members will feature in the latest production.