Former Nust students demand remittances

National University of Science and Technology

FORMER National University of Science and Technology (Nust) students who graduated last year have expressed outrage at the institution’s failure to reimburse them their caution fees.


A caution fee is a security deposit charged by tertiary institutions to cover possible damage to property students may cause.
The money is refunded if a student is not liable for any damage.

Nust has advised all students who graduated in 2013 to submit their full banking details for the institution to pay their caution fees.

However, some former students told Southern Eye that it was impossible for all students to submit their banking details as others were now outside the country and Nust’s e-mail was malfunctioning.

“How do they determine whether everyone has submitted his or her banking details?

“This is not an excuse at all because they will never receive all banking details,” a former student who just identified himself as Mkhulisi said.

“When we paid fees, they did not say all students should wait for each other and pay on the same day.

“If they received our fees on an individual basis, why can’t they remit what they owe us on an individual basis?”

Another former student said there had been no formal communication from Nust since they submitted their banking details to the institution.

“It is very disheartening that Nust is asking former students to bear with them, but they were never patient with us when we failed to pay fees on time,” said the student.

But Nust director of information and public relations Felix Moyo insisted students should be patient as the institution was trying to ensure they all got their dues.

“We emphasise in one pay roll because in the past we had problems whereby other students would send their relatives to collect their monies on their behalf and at the end they would be complaining that they didn’t get their monies,” he said.

“Some would double-claim and others would not come at all. So this time we are saying they should give us full banking details.

“We have contacted those who haven’t submitted their banking details and we are making progress.”

Moyo could, however, not say when Nust would start depositing the money into its former students’ accounts.

Former Commerce students should be refunded $80 each, Communication and Information Science students $120 and Industrial Technology students $160.

The money should have been paid a day before graduation in November last year.


  1. Dont nust students have student numbers ? czause how can one student account be double claimed ? this is not looking nor sounding anything close to a national university of technology

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