Heavy downpour fails to lift Masvingo up


IT HAS been raining cats and dogs in Masvingo, but the country’s biggest inland water body — Lake Mutirikwi — has not recorded any significant inflows.

Masvingo Residents walk in flooded roads from the heavy rains received

Masvingo town and areas surrounding it recorded torrential rainfall since Saturday up to Tuesday, leaving rivers flooded. Mucheke River was flooded and so were many other tributaries that feed into Lake Mutirikwi, as the rains pounded the whole day. But the water levels at the lake only rose by 0,4%, according to figures released by the Zimbawe National Water Authority (Zinwa) yesterday. Zinwa public relations officer Tsungirirai Shoriwa said the inflows were not much.

“The water levels for Mutirikwi rose from 8,5% to 8,9% following the rains to which you refer,” she said.

Masvingo City Council recently hired private divers to open emergency valves so that the local authority can draw water for residents.

This was after council had tried extending its pipes deep in the dam so as to be able to draw the dwindling water. Mayor Ubert Fidze last Saturday organised a prayer meeting with residents and local pastors at Mucheke Stadium to pray for the rains fearing the city would soon run dry.

According to Fidze, the dam is left with two weeks water supply.