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Marrying to be merry


ZIMBABWE’S constitution offers her citizens the right to exercise their political choices through suffrage. True to the word of the law, Zimbabweans have been regularly and timely called upon to exercise this right.

Surprisingly, the impressive strings of elections have failed to make any meaningful changes or corrections as Zanu PF continues to maintain an emasculating grip on power.

The people seem to perpetuate their bondage under Zanu PF each election year. Out of the myriad of election episodes since independence, Zanu PF should by now have suffered two or three major defeats given their dismal handling of the economy and their shoddy performances in the ideological department.

It is not a secret that Zanu PF has ruined the economy and the country’s productiveness. Zanu PF has managed to damage the people’s resolve to imagination, has ruined families and it continues to ruin our relationships with reason.

Somehow the people may not be ready to untangle themselves from Zanu PF’s sphere of control. It is strongly suspected that the people derive pleasure in maintaining a predator/prey relationship with Zanu PF.

Given that Zanu PF’s claws of domination are progressively intensifying, one would be excused for thinking that the people enjoy a sadomasochistic relationship with the subjugator.

Certainly there is an evil spell that binds the people to this evil. This evokes memories of the blind faith the people of German had on Hitler and his NAZI party. When Hitler was busy waging a war to dominate the world and also humiliating the Jews, most Germans were complicit in their silence and explicitly culpable by singing songs to praise him. As Hitler delivered destructive victories against Poland, Austria and most of Western Europe, Germans could not hide their adoration of him.

When Mugabe’s Gukurahundi was busy marauding and pillaging PF Zapu’s heartland most of his supporters either chose to ignore the genocide or to spur him on by singing: “Comrade tora bazooka; tonange Tsholotsho, torove mhandu iyo . . . to zemura makomo eZimbabwe!”

No-one challenged the evil directed towards defenceless people. Mugabe would have felt big in his political pants and even bigger in his ego when Matebeleland fell. The cold-blooded murder of innocent people was the fastest and easiest route to victory.

The failure by Zimbabweans to condemn the extensive culling exercise in the dissident population remains unforgiveable and unforgettable.

Having been beaten senseless by Mugabe, PF Zapu authored a self-humiliating travesty by marching into an unlikely marriage with Zanu PF. By submitting to the marriage proposals from the Zanu PF clan, PF Zapu probably lost any political leverage they could employ to moderate Mugabe’s excesses.

Instead, men and women of good standing started behaving like wives who were euphorically exercising their spousal duties as lesser partners in a polygamous relationship. This put an end to any reasonable political opposition against Mugabe.

Mugabe was ecstatic for having achieved a one-party state where Zanu PF was the vanguard party and he the paramount leader. Mugabe wallowed in the solace of single-party politics until Margaret Dongo reinvented herself outside Zanu PF. As an independent member of parliament, Dongo was courageous and incisive during parliamentary exchanges with the Zanu PF hoodlums. She bravely told a hoard of Zanu PF MPs that they were all Mugabe’s wives.

This expression of honest opinion by Dongo was not only true for the heavily whipped Zanu PF members of parliament but also true for most Zimbabweans. Zimbabweans are notorious for bowing or kneeling for the pleasure of a mortal in a manner smacking with spousal connotations. Zimbabweans regularly compete for the sordidly coveted position of most favourite wife in any travesty resembling a polygamous marriage. As it is, fifteen million Zimbabweans are all being defiled by one man.

The people of Zimbabwe are being sodomised in total disregard of the deplorability of the act.

The leaders have gained unparalleled notoriety in abusing the very people they are sworn to providing wise leadership and guidance. Politicians continue to poke their shrivelled fingers on the battered ribs of the people.

The politicians enjoy these sordid acts; yet more ghastly, the people may be enjoying them too as they refuse to opt out of these repulsive acts. If Zimbabweans did not want to be party to the misuse, the abuse and the plain use, by now they would have instituted street battles and carried out town-square tests to reclaim their lost pride.

If thirty four years of suffering could not spur the people into action, then another ten or twenty years of this marriage from hell may be on the way.

This is neither an insult to the suffering people of Zimbabwe nor an agitation for a violent revolution. It is a candid observation of things that have gone wrong. Should the state of the nation result in a revolt, it will be an indictment of Zanu PF ineptitude.

Masola Wadabudabu is social commentator

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