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My sister seduced me, man tells court


AN 18-YEAR-OLD man from the Matjinge area of Plumtree yesterday stunned the Bulawayo Magistrates’ Court when he claimed that his sister seduced him to be intimate with her.


The man is accused of raping his sister, but he told Bulawayo Regional Court magistrate Mark Dzira that he found her in his blankets making sexual moves when he returned from taking a bath. The man pleaded guilty to the charge, but Dzira altered the plea to not guilty and remanded the case to September 1 for trial after the man raised the seduction defence.

The State led by Tinashe Dzipe had indicated that the man’s plea was that of tacit consent and a full trial must now take place to prove if he was indeed seduced or not before sentence is passed.

If it is proved that he was seduced, the charge is likely to be altered to that of incest and having sexual intercourse with a young person instead of rape.

“I did not rape her; she seduced me. When I came from bathing I found her in my blankets in my bedroom making sexual gestures,” the man said.

The court heard that on August 9, the man took advantage of their parents’ absence from home and invited his sister into his bedroom and asked her to sleep with him but she refused.

The man allegedly wrestled with her when she tried to leave his bedroom and pushed her onto his bed, ripped off her panties and tore a piece of her blouse, which he shoved in her mouth to prevent her from screaming.

He then raped her once.

A report was made to the police and he was arrested.

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