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Siwela warns on Grace’s rise


EXILED fugitive Paul Siwela, who fronts the secessionist Matabeleland Liberation Organisation, has predicted a Zanu PF implosion if President Robert Mugabe’s wife, Grace, continues to be pushed into the ruling party’s top echelons of power.


Siwela said the country risked plunging into another Somalia due to Zanu PF infighting, as the succession issue threatens to spiral out of control.

Somalia was without a formal government for more than two decades after the overthrow of President Siad Barre in 1991.

Years of anarchy followed the downfall of Barre, and a new internationally-backed government was only installed in 2012.

Siwela said Grace could only hold onto a top Zanu PF for only as long as Mugabe remains in power, adding that chaos would envelope the ruling party as feuding parties would ditch her.,He said Zanu PF factions were all jostling to nominate Grace for a top party position just to curry favour with Mugabe.

Zanu PF Harare province nominated Grace for a central committee position while the women’s league has already endorsed her as their new boss.

The party’s December elective congress will confirm if her husband would appoint her into the powerful politburo.

“Zimbabwe will end up like Somalia because of the ongoing chaos. Zanu PF will implode as factions would have crept into the military constituencies because each of those faction leaders ought to have the backing of his own men within the military to assume power,” Siwela said.

“You will know further that the future dispensation has obliterated the role of all internal parties except for Zanu PF. The implosion of Zanu PF would partly be because of external forces backing the two factions.

“Grace or any of Mugabe’s nominees to succeed him, can only hold top posts while he is still in power and would lose them after his departure that will unleash an avalanche of chaos,” Siwela said.

Siwela skipped the border into self-imposed exile in December last year citing death threats from unknown sources after allegedly taking advantage of the relaxation of his bail conditions in a treason trial.

Retired High Court judge Justice Nicholas Ndou issued an arrest warrant after Siwela absconded and failed to appear before him for judgment on his application for discharge.

Siwela, Charles Thomas and John Gazi had been arrested in 2011 on allegations of treason and distributing flyers calling on Zimbabweans to topple the government.

“Moyo, according to High Court records, facilitated the takeover of the farm into State land”

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