Plan International holds girl child commemorations


PLAN International held belated commemorations of the International Day of the Girl Child, hosting career guidance day at Tsholotsho High School on Thursday.


The International Day of the Girl Child is commemorated on October 11 worldwide and is meant to promote girls’ human rights, highlight gender inequalities between girls and boys, and addresses the various forms of discrimination and abuse suffered by girls around the world.

Plan International learning advisor, Willard Nengomasha said they realised that there was gender imbalance and there was need to promote girls’ education.

“We realised that where we are coming from, there have been issues of gender imbalance.

We want to promote and invest in girl education,” he said.

Nengomasha said they were worried about early marriages and there was need to protect girls.

“We would want the girls to delay marriages and develop informed decisions which would lead to good carrier selection thus creating a positive change in their lives,” he said.

“This is why we brought girls and boys so that together they can make informed decisions.”

Acting district education officer Mabutsi Ngozo described career guidance day as intended to support and assist individuals on their professional choices.

“Career guidance day plays a critical role in preparing students for the world of work by equipping them with the skills to remain relevant in the global economy and lead purposeful lives,” he said.

Ngozo concurred with Nengomasha that the day was meant for the students to make informed decisions and develop plans to achieve their career choices.

“This day facilitates the acquisition of attitude, skills and knowledge to help students better understand themselves, explore viable education and make informed decisions so as to achieve their career choices,” he said.

Irvine Sibindi, a representative of the Civil Service Commission, advised the students to work hard so they could also be employed in the government.

“It has appeared as not fashionable for the people to be employed in the government,” he said.

“There is no discrimination, but employment is based on merit and gender balance.”

Various organisations based in Bulawayo, including the National University of Science and Technology, Hillside Teachers’ College, Plan International and United College of Education, among others, participated at the Tsholotsho High School career guidance day, where they explained to students the various career paths they could take.