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Man says 9,5kg mbanje was for personal use


AN elderly man last week left the Victoria Falls Magistrates’ Court in stitches when he said the 9,47kgs of mbanje found in his possession was for personal use and not for sale since the illicit drug was currently out of season.


Johannes Dube appeared before Victoria Falls resident magistrate Sharon Rosemani for dagga possession alongside Jenet Khezwa, Maria Moyo and Chiweni Nyoni.

“I kept the dagga for my personal use,” he said.

“Dagga is out of season now and that is why I kept all that for myself. I wanted it to last me until the next harvest.”

Dube, who had visible injuries on the back of his arm, said the police had set their dog on him.

“The police officer did not believe me when I told him that I had given them all the dagga I had,” he said.

“He unleashed his dog, maybe to search for more dagga, but then the dog bit me. I was then taken to hospital by the police officers.”

He asked the court to investigate the issue saying although he did not know the name of the police officer who set the dog on him, he could easily identify him in a parade.

Dube was granted $200 bail and is due to appear for sentencing today.

Khezwa of Mkhosana high-density suburb, who was found with 250g of mbanje, said the drug was not his.

“I was keeping it for a man who used to be my tenant together with some things he left in my house,” she said.

“He had promised to come and collect his things.”

However, prosecutor Takunda Ndovorwi told the court that this was not the first time that Khezwa was facing a mbanje charge as she had been sentenced to two months in prison for a similar offence in 2008.

Rosemani withdrew the $50 bail that had been granted to Khezwa and remanded her in custody for sentencing today.

Nyoni was found with 1,44kg which she claimed belonged to Moyo.

“My dagga was just four cups (and) the rest belonged to my friend Maria,” said Nyoni.

“As friends we help each other, which is why I agreed to keep the dagga for her. My aim was to sell the dagga so that I can manage to raise money and take care of my children.”

Nyoni was fined $150 or 15 weeks imprisonment.

Moyo was found in possession of 540g of mbanje and said in mitigation that she was only trying to fend for her grandchildren who are orphans by selling the drug as she had no other source of income.

She was fined $160 or 16 weeks behind bars.

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