MDC-Renewal attacks Zanu PF

Bulawayo MDC-Renewal interim spokesperson Edwin Ndlovu

THE MDC-RENEWAL team has criticised Zanu PF for allegedly “cherry-picking” sections of the Constitution to deal with its factional fights, saying a year after the elections Zimbabweans still yearn for the full alignment of the country laws to fully implement the new Charter.


MDC-Renewal Bulawayo spokesperson, Edwin Ndlovu, said the party was disappointed with the government’s flagrant disregard of the Constitution, for example denying citizens devolution of government powers and responsibilities.

Provincial and Metropolitan Councils are provided for under the Constitution of Zimbabwe, primarily for the advancement of the principle of devolution of governmental powers and responsibilities.

Ndlovu said there was a general feeling that this constitutional obligation had been ignored to deliberately strengthen the political gains of the ruling party, adding that the party had since set up shadow provincial councils in line with the demands of the new Constitution.

“It’s sad that Zanu PF is concentrating on power politics without making sure that the Constitution is fully implemented,” Ndlovu said.

“We condemn Zanu PF in the strongest terms, because, as the ruling party, they should make sure that the Constitution is fully implemented rather than cherry-picking certain sections to deal with factional fights.”

In the Constitution, provincial chairpersons are supposed to be chosen and drawn from the party with majority seats in a particular province. Ndlovu said the MDC-Renewal was incorporating party members of the Welshman Ncube-led MDC as the two parties forged ahead with the United MDC.

According to Section 264 (2) the objectives were to give powers of local governance to people and enhance their participation in the exercise of the power of the State and in making decisions affecting them as well as preserving democracy and peace, among other reasons.