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Love endures all things


COMPLIMENTS of the new season to you all, couples and readers of the column. My prayer is that you progress and achieve your dreams in the New Year no matter the challenges.

As a couple, you have the biggest weapon at your disposal and that is your love for one another. The challenge is that we sometimes do not know how to use love to our advantage, but allow many things to diminish its power, exposing us and leaving us vulnerable.

My prayer is that in 2015, we would be couples, families and communities that can love, walk in love and overcome by love. We live in hard, corrupt and demanding times where selfishness and cold-heartedness are being modelled as a way of life contrary to expectations of love which we are all called unto.

Many are wondering what else they need to do in order to overcome their challenges in marriage, family and community. I want to suggest that you love one another this year. Beloved, the times we live in demand something supernatural and love is that thing.

As a couple, learn to separate issues from your love for each other. Do not allow things to come into the way of your love. If we can learn this, we could remain joyful in hard times. We could remain united and winning in hard times. We could fail and struggle in all things but our love for each other.

The moment you lose love, you have lost your marriage and family. Love is what we need in our struggles, be they spiritual, economical, social, cultural or political.

So our weapon for whatever warfare in 2015 is love. Why love?

Love is long suffering: This means that it is patient. You will agree with me that you need patience in this world where it is easy to be offended than anything else.

Be patient with your spouse and other people. Many are depressed and stressed up and are acting up their hurts and bitterness. Love will see you turn the next corner this year.

Love bears all things: Love can carry anything beloved. It can bear insults, abuse, hunger, hurts and many more. When you choose to walk in love, you increase in you the capacity to bear all these and remain in peace and winning.

There is so much pressure in the world and in families and we all need a way to bear this pressure and love is that way.

Love believes all thing:. You will have to believe in your spouse, your children and the people around you and love will help you do so.

You will break down if you do not believe in those whom you think you love. You cannot journey through this life suspicious of everyone and every action.

You will kill yourself and kill others too. Beloved, 2015 will require believers in all things.

Love hopes all things: Without hope, beloved it will be hard to work our lives through. People without hope are defeated and see no value in living and in others. Have hope in your marriage and family.

Do not lose hope, you can still turn things around and enjoy the best of your marriage. Your best is still to come as long as you

have hope. Love will give you the hope.

Love endures all things: You have endured this far by many means but those are now breaking down. Switch to love that can endure all things. It is endurance that we need in times such as these and love gives us that. Remember that even our faith works by love.

Love never fails: Beloved, even prophecies can fail but love never fails. If you choose to love, you have chosen a path of success because love never fails.

If you and your spouse choose to love each other, you will see greater success in 2015 than before. I have said to you things around you are failing but only love never fails. If we are a people of love, we will not fail.

As you plan for 2015, I want to ask you to purpose loving each other this year. Plan to love and to use love as your engagement process and you will overcome.

Nothing stands on the way of your love for your spouse and family. Again, take time and plan together what you want to achieve and work on as a couple and family this New Year and then begin to work on that in love.

Remember that such plans bring unity and unity breeds success and motivates the blessing over your lives. If you need help in this area, you can call us and we will help you.

Have a successful year and enjoy your marriages and families. Remember love is the motivation in 2015. Love has all you need in times such as these, patience, forbearance, believing, hope, endurance and victory. 2015 will work through love.

Kilton Moyo is a pastor, guidance and counselling consultant and author of Responding to Personal Crisis. You may call or WhatsApp on +263775 337 207/ 712 384 841.

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