Council gets mining claim

Gweru mayor Hamutendi Kombayi

GWERU City Council has acquired a mining claim for quarry extraction, a project expected to boost road construction and maintenance.
Quarry sand is a key component in construction.

Stephen Chadenga

The quarry claim is located near Sino-Zimbabwe along the Gweru-Mvuma Road and mining is expected to start once council acquires resources for the venture.

Minutes of a special council meeting held on January 6 reveal that the local authority is at an advanced stage in exploring quarry stones as well as farming activities as part of income-generating projects to reduce the burden on residents.

“Council is vigorously and will continue to explore and pursue other sources of income in order to compliment and reduce the burden on the poor residents,” the minutes read.

“Already council is at advanced stages to explore the extraction and sale of quarry stones, pit sand, silver sand and gravel as long-term and sustainable sources of additional income.

“Initiatives to resuscitate farming activities at council farms are underway.”

Council invited residents to forward their views and actively participate in income-generating projects. Mayor Hamutendi Kombayi said council was in the process of liaising with Zimbabwe National Roads Administration in the quarry venture and working on modalities to attract funding.

“We don’t want a situation where we continue to purchase granite used in the patching of our roads,” he said.

“Council should be self-sufficient when it comes to maintaining roads in town, in Mkoba and other areas.”

Kombayi said there were plans to install a plant at the site to produce road-patching material.

Most roads in the city are in a deplorable state, with potholes creating a nuisance for motorists as the cash-strapped council struggles to maintain its road network.