British council partners MSU in Shakespeare’s works

THE British Council has partnered the Midlands State University (MSU)’s department of media and society studies in a deal where the institution of higher learning would screen the late English poet, actor and playwright William Shakespeare’s literary works to secondary schools in Gweru urban.

BY Stephen Chadenga

According to MSU, the partnership dubbed “Shakespeare Lives” will see the institution screening Shakespeare’s works to over 1 000 students.

“This partnership will see the British Council facilitating the screening of Shakespeare films by Midlands State University’s department of media and society studies to over 1 000 students from 14 secondary and high schools located in Gweru urban,” MSU said in a statement.

Midlands State University

The screenings which take place at MSU next month, will result in the production of a documentary focusing on the study of Shakespeare in Zimbabwe.

“The screenings are scheduled to take place at Midlands State University between the 14th and the 28th of March, 2016 and will culminate in the production of a documentary, funded by the British Council focusing on the study of Shakespeare in Zimbabwe.”

According to the British government website, “Shakespeare Lives” is a global initiative celebrating Shakespeare’s life on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of his death 400 years ago.

Shakespeare died aged 56 on April 23 1616 after producing an innumerable number of literary works, among them popular literature books Romeo and Juliet, and Julius Caesar.

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