Lazy voter educators underfire


THE Welshman Ncube led MDC has castigated ZEC voter educators in Gwanda, accusing them of laziness, as they are reportedly spending most of their time sitted under trees.

Report by Albert Ncube

The party’s provincial administrator and ward 10 councillor Lionel De Necker said they had received reports from aspiring voters indicating that they had not received information on voting as some voter educators were spending time under shades.

“ZEC voter educators at Bar 20 spent the whole day seated under trees advising aspiring voters to go to DDF training centre to get information, we will be approaching ZEC and the Joint Monitoring and Implementation Committee (Jomic) to register our concerns,” he said.

ZEC provincial elections officer, Jotham Nyathi could neither confirm nor deny the allegations against voter educators when contacted for comment.

“In that case I believe the voter educators were directing people to DDF as it is a registration centre. I have not received such a report of people spending time under trees,” he said. Residents have also accused voter educators of not doing enough to inform members of the public of the available voter registration centres as many people do not know where to register.

“I want to vote but I am losing patience because I do not know where to register,” Edson Moyo said.

Meanwhile, students at the Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Polytechnic say they will be denied the right to vote as the voter registration is being done while they are away from their constituencies.

Most of the students at the college come from outside Gwanda and will only be able to go to their respective areas when schools close in August.

“I cannot vote here in Gwanda for people I do not know, I have to vote in Gokwe were I come from,” a student, who requested anonymity, said.