Nkomo’s son speaks out on devolution


LATE Vice-President Joshua Nkomo’s son Sibangilizwe has said people should not accept devolution of power that has strings attached to it.

Nqobile Bhebhe

Sibangiliwe told hundreds of people who attended the 14th anniversary commemorations of his father’s death on Monday that some politicians wanted to dilute what people said during the outreach programme on the new Constitution.

“Last year I spoke at this place (Stanley Square) about devolution of power becoming real and it is now part of our Constitution,” he said.
“Although it’s now part of the new Constitution, the sad thing is that now some people are attaching conditions for its implementations saying, ‘if all things being equal.’

“When I was moving around Matabeleland during the crafting of the new Constitution, I never heard you saying you want devolution with conditions” he added.

“All I am asking you is to call for full implementation of devolution of power.

“If your children continuously ask for bread and you give them stones, one day they will stone you with those items.”

Devolution of power was one of the emotive issues during the constitution-making process with Zanu PF strongly opposed to it.
Last year, President Robert Mugabe voiced concern that the concept would divide the country if included in a new Charter.

Although, the new Charter provides for devolution of power through the creation of provincial councils, some argue that the provisions were cosmetic.