LIVE UPDATES: Special voting; July 14th 2013


Southern Eye team gives you live updates on the special voting procedure where members of the police and the armed forces are expected to cast their votes from July 14 to 15.

Updates by Cecilia Kamuputa/ Tapiwa Zivira

17:57 – She says she is not aware of those making their own ballot papers and lists.

17:55 – Kazembe says the difference in figures of police officers voting is that 44 000 are on the payroll whilst the rest are special constabulary and reserve police.

17:50 – “We admit we underestimated the process. By next week all ballot papers for July 31 will be ready”. Kazembe

17:49 – Kazembe says there are serial numbers on the ballot papers for accounting purposes.

17:42 – MDC-T’s Morgan Komichi asks about the two centers where he alleges  that there are people  who are making their own ballot papers.

17:39 – Kazembe says they would have wanted to print the full voters roll for the special  vote but could not due to time constraints.

17:37 – As for time extension, everyone who arrives before closing time will vote.

17:36 – She says ZEC has a list not a voters roll which is open for public inspection. They would cancel the names on the roll after voting.

17:35 – “We are using helicopters in areas beyond vehicle access”

17:34 – Kazembe responds “Ballot papers are being issued in closed envelops from Harare to the voting centers and ballot boxes will be closed and locked at the end of the day.”

17:30 – Rose Hanzi from ZESN also asks about the security of the ballot papers.

17:29 – ZESN official asks if there is going to be any extension of voting times due to the delays.

17:27 – “We will keep the nation informed. We assure you that the special voting is transparent”. Kazembe.

17:26 – Ballot paper dispatch is as follows: Mat North 1724, Mat South 153, Midlands 1204, Harare 566, Masvingo yet to receive ballot papers.

17:24 – She says the voting has begun in 9 out of 10 provinces but has been delayed by the printing of ballot papers.

17:23 – ZEC Deputy Chairperson Joyce Kazembe speaking.

17:10 – All set for the ZEC press conference at the Harare International Conference Center

15:54: Amid the chaos that has so far characterised the special voting process, Zec is holding a press conference in Harare at 5pm.

14:55 NewsDay reporter Moses Matenga reports.Meanwhile United States Ambassador to Zimbabwe Bruce Wharton has just finished a tour of polling stations in Harare areas of Mt. Pleasant, Epworth, Town Hall, Mbare, and Chitungwiza. “Voters are patient with slow delivery of ballots. Hope to see improvement later today and tomorrow ask ballots are delivered to polling stations. I understand voting has not yet begun in many places outside of Harare. The patience of those waiting to vote is impressive,” he said.


14:33 It turns out that at Kwekwe High School, despite the arrival of Zec officials, voting is yet to begin. Zec has sent 223 special voting ballot papers against a register with 703 voters. It is not yet clear where the other ballot papers are why there is such a discrepancy. Officials are still debating whether to proceed or not.


14:04 – @Zimelections13 Voting started at 12.33hrs at Bulawayo City Hall. Ballot papers came late and the queue is not orderly.

14:00 @Zimelections2013 Mawabeni Pr School, Umzingwane:Polling station not yet opened, no presiding officer.


12:39 – From @Zimelections13 Mai Musodzi Hall, Mbare Harare: 84 Officers voted so far. Queue moving at a snail pace.

13:20 Ballot papers just arrived at Kwekwe High School, 86 police officers in the queue to vote.

13:05 In Zvishavane at the town’s government complex, voting is yet to start as ballot papers are not yet available.


13:00 According to Zimelections2013 At Chiefs Hall,Ntabazinduna (Umguza, there are no Zec officials present,no ballot boxes,and no ballot papers.

12:53 Redcliff and Kwekwe High Shool, voting is yet to take place as Zec is yet to deliver ballot papers.

Piolice wait to vote at Town House. Picture by Zimcandid (Twitter)
Police wait to vote at Town House. Picture by Zimcandid (Twitter)

12:47. Southern Eye Reporter Nqobile Bhebhe says it is reported that Gwanda police have been told that voting will start much later…and senior police officers have briefed their juniors ‘on the importance of voting wisely’

11:32 – Some officers have been turned away after the envelopes with their names could not be found.

11:30 – Some 5 000 police officers are at Mt Pleasant Hall waiting to cast their votes.

At Harare Town House, the voting was delayed as it is said members of the police where being organised in alphabetical order.

Additional updates by Blessed Mhlanga/ Feluna Nleya. Pictures by Hilary Maradzika.