Otis Ngwabi bounces back

Otis Ngwabi bounces back

BULAWAYO urban grooves musician Otis Ngwabi who has been quiet for some time, will soon release a single, signalling his comeback to the music scene.

Own Correspondent

Ngwabi had vanished from the music scene after migrating to South Africa, leaving his fans throughout the country disappointed.

In an interview, the multi-talented artist revealed that he was working on new material and expecting to launch his new project in September.

“I am working on a single at the moment that will be from the album Uthando lempilo, which I will release before the end of the year,” he said.

Soon after his return from South Africa, Ngwabi released the hit song Nomzamo featured in a compilation album titled Zim Stars, which was produced by McDonald “McDee” Chidavaenzi.

The album is expected to have tracks such as Ngabe Yibuhle Bami, Makoti, Chinyakare Chedu and Ungalahli Ithemba. Ngwabi has also moved to branches of the arts industry, as he is now pursuing acting both on stage and on the small screen.

“While I was in South Africa, I was approached by a movie producer called Mongiwekhaya and he asked me to feature in a movie he was compiling,” he said.

“It was a great opportunity for me because I had been looking for avenues in which I could penetrate into the film industry in that country.

“So I featured in a movie titled Blood Money.”
Back home, he has been working with a theatre group called Victory Siyanqoba.